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Following VarioEdge, ZeroChroma released another protective case for iPhone 6/6 Plus. If you need a more reliable protection for your phone, let’s go on checking their new VarioProtect iPhone 6 case.

ZeroChroma VarioProtect iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases

The Expose Smart will add up to 130 lumens of brightness to your iPhone for shooting in low light conditions. Of course, it’s not the only feature of the LED flash for iPhone. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

Knog Expose Smart LED Flash for iPhone

The protective case for iPhone 6/6 Plus has multiple functional multi tools, so it not only protects your phone, but also offers helps for some emergencies. Sounds cool? Let’s go on checking the IN1 iPhone 6 case.

The IN1 iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 Cases with Multi Tools

Speck has released CandyShell + Faceplate to provide all-around protection for your iPhone 6. If you like the design, let’s go on checking the new iPhone 6 case.

Speck CandyShell + Faceplate iPhone 6 Case

Want to capture better photos in low light conditions with your smartphone? Take a look at the detachable ring light, it may be a nice way to offer enhanced light.

The Detachable Right Light for Smartphones

Have you remembered that ePaper equipped iPhone 5 case? Now popSlate has expanded to iPhone 6. If you want to add an E-ink display on your phone’s back, let’s go on checking the popSlate iPhone 6 case.

popSlate iPhone 6 Case with E-ink Display

Kensington announced KeyFolio Thin X3 at CES 2015, an ultra-thin keyboard case with backup battery for iPad Air 2. Curious? Let’s go on checking the new iPad Air 2 case.

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 Plus Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

At CES 2015, OtterBox’s latest Resurgence battery case for iPhone 6 has been announced. In addition to offering extra battery life, its durable design guards your phone in daily life.

OtterBox Resurgence Power iPhone 6 Case