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Lumenati CS1 Smartcase Turns Your iPhone 6 Into a Super 8 Film Camera

Many of us like using our iPhones to capture photos and videos, but some of us want a more professional way to record our life so Lumenati CS1 Smartcase was born to turn iPhone 6 into a classic film camera.

Lumenati CS1 Smartcase Turns Your iPhone 6 Into a Super 8 Film Camera


iKlip iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases Show off a Multi-Position Stand

Many phone cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus feature an integrated stand, but with a multi-position kickstand, the iKlip iPhone 6 case provides you more convenience for watching video, playing games and making FaceTime calls.

iKlip iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases with Multi-Position Stand


LifeDock Charging Station Has Removable Planter

With the help of a removable planter, LifeDock charging station not only charge your smartphone, but also brings an eye-catching combination of modern technology and nature on your desk.

LifeDock Charging Station Features Removable Planter


11+ Felt Case Elegantly Holds Your MacBook Air or iPad and Other Essentials

Have you remembered 11+’s iPad mini sleeve? A larger version of the felt case has been available to elegantly hold your MacBook Air or iPad and other small essentials.

11+ Felt Case for Your MacBook Air, iPad and Other Essentials


WATCHme Apple Watch Charging Stand Brings Some Fun on Your Desk

With its cute appearance, the WATCHme charging stand not only charges your Apple Watch, but also brings some fun on the desk. If you like the little monster, let’s keep going.

Pretty Cute WATCHme Apple Watch Charging Stand


The 3D Printed iPhone 6 Case Lets You Hold Your Phone with One Finger

With an integrated ring, the 3D printed iPhone 6 case lets you hold the large-screen phone with one finger or attach it to your backpack. Like the feature? Let’s keep going.

3D Printed iPhone 6 Case with Ring Holder - One of our hand-picked Apple gadgets


The LOFT Apple Watch Charging Stand with Integrated iPhone Stand

No doubt, your iPhone and Apple Watch are a pair of perfect match. Want a similarly matched way to chart both of them? Take a look at Poetic’s LOFT charging stand, it may be a nice solution.

LOFT iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Stand - One of Our Hand Picked Apple Gadgets



AQUA Headphone Amplifier Enhances Audio from Your Android and iOS Devices

Using your iPhone or Android phone, you can enjoy all kinds of music so you may want to get better audio from your headphones. Sounds great? The AQUA headphone amplifier should be a nice solution.

AQUA Headphone Amplifier Enhances Android and iOS Devices Audio Performance