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We can use iPhone 4 battery case to charge our iPhone 4 on the go, while some of battery cases can also color our device such as MiPow’s Maca Air Color iPhone 4 battery case.

MiPow Maca Air Color iPhone 4 Battery Case

Apparently not everyone is satisfied with a dock speaker, so if you need also alarm clock and FM radio, iHome iA17 app-enhanced color changing dock speaker may be more suitable for you.

iHome iA17 App-Enhanced Color Changing Dock Speaker with Alarm Clock and FM Radio

TARDIS can transport Doctor Who to any point in time and space. Do you know it can be used to hold your iPad 2 as a cool iPad 2 case. Don’t believe? Let’s go on checking.

Doctor Who TARDIS Styled iPad 2 Case

We’ve introduced all kinds of iPhone 4 cases, but if you’re a big fan of Lady Gaga, the following Lady Gaga The Mobile Collection iPhone 4 case may be able to appeal to you.

Lady Gaga The Mobile Collection iPhone 4 Case

Need a more comfortable typing experience, but don’t want to add much bulk to your iPad 2? Maybe Hatch & Co’s Skinny iPad 2 keyboard case can meet your requirements.

Hatch & Co Skinny iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Recently we featured several nice backup battery packs for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but if you still worry the battery pack is out of juice on the go, maybe the Elecom portable battery charger is more suitable for you.

Elecom Portable Battery Charger for iPhone

Like all kinds of sports such as cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding, running and etc? Then you might like to turn your iPhone 4 into an action camera with Action iPhone 4 case.

Action iPhone 4 Case Turns Your iPhone into Action Camera

There are many great painting apps on App Store, but if you want to create a great masterpiece on your iPad, you also need a unique stylus such as Sensu paintbrush.

Create Your Masterpieces on iPad with Sensu Paintbrush