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Don’t want your original iPad or iPad 2 out of juice when you’re outdoors? Take a look at Just Mobile’s Gum Max, maybe the backup battery can meet your requirements.

Just Mobile Gum Max Backup Battery for iPad

Do you remember Logitech’s bluetooth keyboard and stand designed for Android tablet? Recently Logitech has released a similar combo for iPad. If you need a comfortable typing experience on your iPad, let’s go on checking the versatile bluetooth keyboard kit.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand for iPad

We have introduced a few gadgets that allow you to experience a retro way to answer your call with your iPhone such as the iPhone dock. But if you just need a protective case, maybe the Mofone retro telephone styled iPhone 4 case is more suitable for you.

Mofone Retro Telephone Styled iPhone 4 Case

Apparently not every Apple fan has a retro Apple II computer. But as a faithful Apple user, you may like to use the Apple II styled docking station to enjoy your iPad 2.

iStation Retro Apple II Styled Docking Station for iPad

Which one do you choose between beautiful pattern and practical function? If you prefer the latter, Scosche’s kickBACK g4 iPhone 4S case should be able to catch your eyes.

Scosche kickBACK g4 iPhone 4S Case

Speck recently released a new protective case from iPad 2. If you want to add a comfy cushion to your iPad 2, let’s go on checking ComfyShell iPad 2 case.

Speck ComfyShell iPad 2 Case

Verbatim recently released a new portable bluetooth keyboard for mobile devices. If you want a comfortable typing experience on your iPhone, the wireless keyboard may be able to meet your requirements.

Verbatim Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

For the holiday season this year, Case-Mate released a new iPhone 4S case holiday collection. If you want to add some holiday atmosphere on your new iPhone 4S, let’s go on checking.

Case-Mate iPhone 4S Case Holiday Collection