Category: Apple Gadgets

The Bamboo Charging Station with an Integrated Apple Watch Stand

Using four custom slots and an integrated Apple Watch stand, the bamboo charging station is able to charge your multiple mobile devices at the same time. Like the versatile design? Let’s keep going.

Bamboo Charging Station with Integrated Apple Watch Stand


Handmade Personalized iPad Pro Leather Case

Want to add some luxurious feeling to your iPad Pro or protect the large-screen tablet in style? Take a look at the handmade personalized iPad Pro leather case, it may catch your eye.

Handmade Personalized iPad Pro Leather Case


JIC iPhone Case with Audio Recorder Lets You Record Calls with Ease

Using built-in audio recorder, the JIC iPhone case not only protects your phone from accidental drops, but also helps you record calls and in-person conversations. Cool? Let’s keep checking.

JIC iPhone Case with Audio Recorder


Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable for MacBook

Griffin has released their latest BreakSafe magnetic USB-C power cable. With its magnetic connector, the USB-C cable brings safety and convenience to your new MacBook with USB Type-C port.

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable


DMstick is a USB Flash Drive Designed for iPhone and iPad

Using integrated USB and Lightning connectors, DMstick USB flash drive is able to works with your iOS devices and computers, and its L-shaped design make it easier to carry. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going.

DMstick USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad


The 3D Printed Dock Turns Your iPod Nano into a Classic Macintosh

The 3D printed iPod dock not only charges your iPod nano 6G, but also turns the machine into a Classic Macintosh. Cool? Let’s go on for the docking station.

The 3D Printed iPod Nano Dock Inspired by Classic Macintosh


The Ceramic French Press Pot Lets You Brew Your Favorite Coffee in Style

Many of us not only need a cup of favorite coffee, but also want your coffee maker to match your style. Right? Take a look at the ceramic French press pot, it may be a nice solution.

Ceramic French Press Pot



The Bamboo Charging Station Boasts Integrated Apple Watch Charger, USB Hub and More Features

Using integrated Apple Watch charger and iPhone dock, the bamboo charging station charges your Apple Watch and iPhone, and built-in USB hub allows to charge your more devices.

The Bamboo Charging Station with Apple Watch Charger and USB Hub