Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Summer is coming. Want to enjoy the sunshine and the sand on the beach, but worry your iPhone 4 gets damaged by sand or water? Maybe the Case Marine waterproof iPhone 4 case can help you.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

This is an ultra-thin, soft, waterproof protective case set designed for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The Case Marine iPhone 4 case set contains ten seals and two covers. You can easily apply the soft case onto your iPhone 4 in order to protect your device from water (up to 10m depth) and dust, and the waterproof case just measures 0.25mm in thickness. This means the waterproof case works well with other iPhone 4 cases for further protecting the iPhone 4 or 4S from bumps and scratches. Apart from that, the iPhone 4S case is made from polyurethane and acrylic for durability.

Case Marine Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

The Case Marine waterproof iPhone 4 case is priced at $71 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Japan Trend Shop for more details or check out the following demo video.

Additionally, if you need other options, you might like to check Scuba waterproof iPhone 4 case and more via “iPhone 4 case” tag.

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how do you buy one of these iphone 4s waterproof cases? and how much ?