BrydgeAir Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Brydge has released BrydgeAir, its latest keyboard case for iPad Air. Need a simple way to turn your iPad into a portable work station? The iPad Air case may be a nice solution.

BrydgeAir Keyboard Case for iPad Air

The BrydgeAir is a well-crafted keyboard case designed for iPad Air. As shown in the images, the iPad Air case sports a minimalistic and stylish design, and is forged out of a single piece of aluminum that not only adds premium and fashionable feeling, but also provides a solid method to protect its internal components and your iPad Air’s Retina display. Moreover, the iPad Air case also features a sophisticated Bluetooth keyboard with backlit for a comfortable and accurate typing experience. Apart from that, the keyboard case also comes equipped with built-in stereo speakers in order to deliver you enhanced audio from your iPad Air.

BrydgeAir Keyboard Case for iPad Air

The BrydgeAir keyboard case for iPad Air is priced at $150 USD (launch sale). If you’re interested, jump to Brydge official site for more details or check out the following demo video first.

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