Bruno Smart Trash Can with Built-in Vacuum

How many devices in your home have gotten ‘smart’ title? Now it’s turn for your trash can. With built-in vacuum, Bruno smart trash allows you to collect debris without needing to open its cover, and integrated WiFi connectivity lets you receive trash day alerts via your smartphone. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Bruno Smart Trash Can with Built-in Vacuum

The Bruno is an innovative and advanced smart trash can that measures 12.25 x 12.25 x 29.5 inches and weights 17 lbs. The smart trash can comes in two versions: brunoSMART with WiFi and bruno without WiFi. As we can see from the images, both versions feature a modern and minimalistic design along with five color options in order to meet the style of your interior decoration with ease.

Bruno Smart Trash Can with Built-in Vacuum

The smart trash can features a built-in patent-pending vacuum with a powerful vacuum motor of 50 air-watts and a capacity of 2000mAh. The vacuum is activated by a series of light and motion sensors, so all you need to do is to sweep the debris close to your bruno. It will automatically deliver diet and debris directly into the trash bag via a network of built-in vacuum tubes, and built-in removable and cleanable HEPA filtration system can suction up the dirt from the floor directly into the bag, keeping it out of the air.

Bruno Smart Trash Can with Built-in Vacuum

The brunoSMART also features WiFi connectivity in order to wirelessly connect with your smartphone. With the help of built-in sensors, the trash can knows the status of its interior and it can send you low trash bag notifications, trash day alerts, reorder more bags through its custom app.

Furthermore, the smart trash can comes with a built-in trash bag dispenser that can store 13 gallon bags, and its rechargeable battery offers up to 30 days of usage between charges, moreover, ABS material delivers you a hard and durable construction with electrical insulation properties. BTW, in addition to bruno and brunoSMART, here is brunoMAX, a vacuum integrated trash can with industrial strength fitting for work sites, garages, restaurant kitchens and other tough places.

Bruno Smart Trash Can with Built-in Vacuum

The bruno has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. You can pledge $139 or $199 to preorder one of the three smart trash cans respectively. Additionally, also don’t miss more related gadgets by following tags.

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