[BRIC+]xtreme Waterproof iPhone 5s Case

Summer is coming. Need a waterproof case to guard your precious iPhone 5/5s beside pool? Take a look at [BRIC+]xtreme iPhone 5s case, it may suit for you.

[BRIC+]xtreme Waterproof iPhone 5s Case

[BRIC+]xtreme is a well-designed water resistant protective bumper case for iPhone 5/5s and upcoming iPhone 6. As shown in the images, the iPhone 5 case features a gorgeous, ultra-slim design, and is equipped with an aircraft grade CNC-machined aluminum shield and shock-absorbing structure in order to provide a lightweight and reliable way to protect your iPhone 5/5s from shocks and scratches, while using two optional water-resistant films, the protective case guards your iPhone from splashes and dust, moreover, you can also utilize a bulletproof protective film to enhance the protection of [BRIC+]xtreme.

[BRIC+]xtreme Waterproof iPhone 5s Case [BRIC+]xtreme Waterproof iPhone 5s Case

The team of [BRIC+]xtreme is raising fund via Kickstarter. Pledging $39 will let you get the waterproof iPhone 5s case. $65 for its iPhone 6 case. If you need it, jump to Kickstarter official site for full description or have a look at the following demo video first.

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