Blik Nintendo Power-ups Wall Decals

Need some 8-bit style to decorate your room? If you’re also a big fan of Super Mario, the Blik Nintendo Power-ups wall decals may draw your attention.

Blik Nintendo Power-ups Wall Decals

This is a pretty cool officially licensed wall decal series inspired by Super Mario Bros video game series. As shown in the images, each wall decal sports one or more elements and characters from the classic video game series, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa, Warp Pipe and more. Moreover, each Nintendo Power-ups Re-Stik wall decal is made from a slightly thicker, self-adhesive, polypropylene film, so you can easily remove the wall decal and reposition it on the wall.

Blik Nintendo Power-ups Wall Decals

The Nintendo Power-ups wall decal series contains 24 different designs, and starting at $10 USD. If you like them, jump to Blik official site for more details.

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