BauBax Travel Jackets Ready to Bring You Much Convenience with Its 15 Features

With its 15 great features including numerous tech pockets, integrated neck pillow & gloves and more, BauBax travel jackets will bring you much convenience when you’re on the move. Sounds cool? Let’s go on.

BauBax Travel Jackets with 15 Features

The BauBax is a versatile and very functional travel jacket that comes in four styles for women and men. All 4 BauBax jackets are made of high-quality fabric for a comfortable wearing experience, but most importantly, each travel jacket comes with 15 cool and practical features that have been ready to serve you. Its built-in inflatable neck pillow hides inside the jacket’s hood with inbuilt eye mask, which allows you to take a rest on the go, and built-in gloves can keep you warm and cozy.

BauBax Travel Jackets with 15 Features

Moreover, multiple dedicatedly designed pockets can hold your smartphone, tablet, stylus, sunglasses, passport, and even a can of coke. Meanwhile, earphone holder keeps your earphones untangled and easy to access, and built-in microfiber cloth lets you clean your sunglass lenses at any time. Apart from that, its multi-layered hand warming pockets keep your hands warm when you’re on the move.

All BauBax travel jackets have been available for preorder on Kickstarter. Pleading $89 or more will let you own one of them.

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