Atom Wrist Watch

As we know, all matter consists of molecules, while molecules are composed of atoms, for instance, the following Atom wrist watch.

Atom Wrist Watch

This is a unique wrist watch inspired by the basic unit of matter – atom. As shown in the images, there is a three-dimensional design on the dial, which shows us the components of the atom, including nucleus, two electrons, and marked trajectory path of electrons. The hour and minute hands follow the path of the electrons, while the second hand rotates around the nucleus. Moreover, the watch case measures 1.5-inch in diameter by 1/3-inch high, and comes with a black leather watch band with black stitching measuring 3/4-inch wide.

Atom Wrist Watch

The atom watch is priced at 119.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to ThinkGeek for more details, but note that, it’s atom watch instead of atomic watch. Additionally, if you need other unique options, you might like to check ZIIIRO Orbit and Aurona watches and more via “watches” category.

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