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Arcade Machine Piggy Bank

September 28, 2010 | In: Cool Gadgets, Game Console Gadgets

Apparently it’s not a real piggy bank. But for most of geeks, the arcade machine piggy bank should be more attractive.

Arcade Machine Piggy Bank

Just as we see, the money box is shaped as a classical arcade machine. It measures 15 x 8 x 12cm, weights about 300g, comes with a joystick and one button. Undoubtedly it’s not useless model. The mini arcade machine features a simple arcade game called “Earth Defenders”. Would they want to prevent Space Invaders from invading Earth? One coin, 2 minutes play time. So you must remember to insert a coin when the built-in alarm reminds you times up. Of course, it’s just a money box, not a real arcade machine, so don’t fill it up in one hour.

Arcade Machine Piggy Bank

The arcade machine piggy bank is priced at 12.95 GBP, If you’re interested, jump to CuteBitz for more details. Of course, via Google Shopping, you might find out more suitable.

By the way, here is another arcade game piggy bank, and it’s running a real classical arcade game: Space Invaders.