Animated LEGO Angry Birds

We have featured several Angry Birds themed LEGO creations. But apparently the following one is the most animated LEGO Angry Birds that we have ever seen.

Animated LEGO Angry Birds

The Angry Birds themed LEGO creation is made by Tony Sava, a skillful LEGO lover from League City. As we can see from the images, unlike those single Angry Birds LEGO models, the builder has created a whole cartoon scene inspired by the popular mobile game Angry Birds with LEGO bricks. In addition to those familiar colored birds and green pigs, there are the huge slingshot and sturdy structure, while a red bird is crashing into green pigs’ shelter. After the break, check out the images about the animated LEGO Angry Birds, or jump to Tony’s Flickr gallery for more images.

Animated LEGO Angry Birds
Animated LEGO Angry Birds

Additionally, also don’t miss another set of Angry Birds themed LEGO creations.

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