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Star Wars Origami Set

October 31, 2012 | In: DIY Gadgets

It’s not a book that introduces various characters from Star Wars. But if you want to make those iconic character papercrafts, the Star Wars origami set should be able to catch your eyes.

Star Wars Origami Set

We have featured many nice speakers that allows you to enjoy your favorite music, but if you need an eco-friendly way to amplify the sound from your iPhone 5, the following Ozaki O!Music Zoo dock speaker may be more suitable for you.

Ozaki O!Music Zoo Dock Speaker for iPhone 5

Need a comfortable viewing angle for handsfree FaceTime or a stable grip for capturing using your iPhone or Android phone? Take a look at the Backbone, maybe the phone stand can meet your requirements.

Backbone Phone Stand for iPhone and Android Phones

Etón recently announced a backup battery series: BoostTurbine including BoostTurbine1000 and BoostTurbine2000. If you want an eco-friendly way to charge your mobile device, let’s go on checking.

Etón BoostTurbine Backup Battery Series

DODOcase has released its latest protective case line for iPad mini. If you like this kind of book styled design, let’s go on checking its Classic iPad mini case.

DODOcase Classic iPad Mini Case

In addition to Nexus 10 Android tablet, Google also announced its latest Android phone Nexus 4 just yesterday. If you’re curious what features have embedded in the smartphone, let’s go on checking.

Google Nexus 4 Android Phone Announced

Google and Samsung have announced their latest Android tablet: Nexus 10. If you want to know what features have been packed into the 10-inch tablet, let’s go on checking.

Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet Announced

We featured an unavailable Nintendo controller coffee table two years ago. But if you want to own the awesome creation, the following handmade Nintendo controller coffee table should be able to catch your eyes.

Handmade Nintendo Controller Coffee Table