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It’s an iconic weapon that belongs to the Heavy from the universe of Team Fortress 2. If you like the strong character, you may like to bring his powerful minigun into real life.

Life-Size Team Fortress 2 Minigun

Which style is your favorite, sophisticated design or minimalistic structure? If you prefer the latter, Incase’s Box iPhone 4 case should be able to catch your eyes.

Incase Box iPhone 4 Case

As a faithful fan of Minecraft, you must be glad to bring some elements from the popular video game into your real life such as the following handmade Minecraft coaster set.

Handmade Minecraft Coaster Set

Moleskine recently released a new protective case series for various mobile devices. If you just need a case for your new iPad or similar tablets, let’s go on checking Moleskine Digital Tablet Shell case.

Moleskine Digital Tablet Shell Protective Case for iPad and Smilar Tablets

We introduced a toaster styled iPhone dock last year. Now the design concept has been turning into reality. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking Day Maker iPhone dock.

Day Maker Toaster Styled iPhone Dock

Elecom recently released a new versatile portable bluetooth keyboard for various mobile devices, which features more functions. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the multi-device portable Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

Elecom Multi-Device Portable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

We have introduced several portable universal adapters with one or two USB ports. But if you have more USB gadgets need to charge, the following USB power strap should be more suitable for you.

The Power Strip for USB Gadgets

Many fans complained the endings of Mass Effect 3, but there is no denying that Mass Effect trilogy is a great video game series. If you think so the following Mass Effect 3 iPhone 4 case should be able to catch your eyes.

Mass Effect 3 iPhone 4 Case