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Fallout Themed Monopoly

August 31, 2011 | In: DIY Gadgets

Thanks to PinkAxolotl’s boyfriend, all we have a chance to create our own Fallout 3 themed monopoly. You’re a big fan of Fallout video game series? Let’s go on checking.

Fallout Themed Monopoly

Recently Hex released its latest iPhone 4 leather case: Code Wallet. If you need a combination of wallet and iPhone 4 case, the following protective case should be a nice solution.

Hex Code Wallet iPhone 4 Case

We know you have owned professional DSLR camera, but if you’re addictive to photography all day, the DSLR camera styled keychain should be able to catch your eyes.

DSLR Camera Styled Keychain

Want to enjoy your adventure with your friends in the dark? Apparently you need a powerful flashlight such as Junwon Yang’s emergency flashlight with double illumination.

Junwon Yang's Emergency Flashlight with Double Illumination

Recently Pad&Quill released its latest College Edition iPad 2 case. If you’re looking for a solid protective case for your iPad 2, let’s go on checking.

Pad&Quill College Edition iPad 2 Case

Just yesterday Wacom announced its revolutionary digital sketch pen: Inkling. If you prefer traditional paper instead of tablets, Inkling should be a perfect solution for your drawing urge.

Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

Apparently the special QWERTY keyboard layout can’t bring you perfect typing experience, but the internal slots will hold your bills and credit cards. Let’s go on checking the QWERTY keyboard styled premium leather wallet.

QWERTY Keyboard Styled Premium Leather Wallet

Which power-up is the most useful for Super Mario? Starman, Super Meshroom or Fire Flower? The following videos show us Mario prefers Portal Gun instead of the above three items.

Super Mario with Portal Gun