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Apparently Autobots leader Optimus Prime landed on a pile of ice. Of course, that doesn’t stop the leader from fighting against Decepticons. Well, let’s go on checking the giant Optimus Prime ice sculpture.

Giant Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

It’s definitely good news for Doctor Who fans. We found another new function of TARDIS. Using TARDIS tea infuser, we can make a nice pot of tea.

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser

Retro Cassette MP3 Player

November 30, 2010 | In: Digital Gadgets

Sony has already stop selling its classical cassette tape player Walkman. But it’s never far from us. Don’t believe? Check out the Cassette MP3 Player.

Retro Cassette MP3 Player

Which kind of Nintendo Game Boy do you prefer, monochrome Game Boy or Game Boy Color. If you choice the later, you should also like the following iPhone 4 decal.

Nintendo Game Boy Color iPhone 4 Decal

No doubt, the upcoming Disney sci-fi movie Tron Legacy is really hot. Following yesterday’s collectible figure, let’s go on checking the USB flash drive themed by Tron Legacy Light Cycle.

Tron Legacy Light Cycle USB Flash Drives

Apparently this isn’t an exclusive idea, so we can find several similar iPhone cases with ID credit card holder. Of course, it’s a good thing for us. Then let’s go on checking Collet’s iPhone case.

Collet iPhone Case with ID Credit Card Slots

Dell finally released its innovative notebook Inspiron duo. So if you are hesitating between notebook and tablet PC, let’s go on checking the multi functional notebook.

Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet PC

No doubt, a fixed iPad stand isn’t suitable for those hardcore iPad game fans. So we need to prepare an unique iPad case focusing on convenient grip like the 1337 silicone iPad case.

Incipio 1337 Silicone iPad Case Designed for iPad Game Fans