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You want to spice up your life with something? The collection of hairy underwear which we just found should be useful for you.

Hilarious Hairy Underwear Collection

World Cup has ended for almost a month, but based on the enthusiasm for sport and LEGO, we have to introduce the mini LEGO foosball table with auto scoring function to our readers.

Auto Scoring Mini LEGO Foosball Table

There are numerous iPhone games available on the Internet. You want to get through all games with the touch screen? The gPod gamepad iPhone case might be better than the cold screen.

gPod Gamepad iPhone Case

No doubt, Mashable and Technorati are two social media sites very familiar to all of us. Now a social media monopoly board game starring Mashable and Technorati is available.

Social Media Monopoly with Mashable and Technorati Cards

The main motivation for the name “Space Invaders” is to reserve the name of the classical arcade game. Actually we should call it Space Invader couch.

Space Invaders Couch

The project of Street Fighter X Tekken has been unveiled at Comic-Con. We’re not sure whether the classical character Chun Li will be included. However we really want the cutest Chun Li can appear in the video game.

The Cutest Chun Li Not in Street Fighter

No doubt, not every iPhone 4 case can make you easily touch the iPhone 4 screen. Of course, it doesn’t mean no way to solve the problem such as the felt iPhone 4 case.

Handmade Felt iPhone 4 Case Showing iOS 4 Interface

Apparently not everybody can accurately estimate how much beer they can drink. So the beersavers beer bottle cap will help you store the rest your favorite beer.

Beersavers Beer Bottle Cap for Your Favorite Beer