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As one of the most popular iPhone cases, it’s impossible that Case-Mate won’t launch the iPhone 4 ID credit card case. Now the popular iPhone 4 case has been out of stock.

Case-Mate iPhone 4 ID Credit Card Case

Apparently Quirky has been tired of those always immovable power outlet. So they launched Pivot Power, an innovative and flexible creative outlet.

Quirky Pivot Power Creative Outlet

Have you remembered those guys who built the Batman’s Batpod? Now they come back with their incredible custom built Light Cycle, which appeared in the Disney film Tron Legacy.

Custom Built Tron Legacy Light Cycle

We’ve introduced several robot USB flash drives, apparently it’s the first one marked a tag of limited edition. Well, let’s go on checking what different the robot features.

Limited Edition Stealth Robot USB Flash Drive

Many people have get their iPhone 4. Apparently lots of iPhone 4 gadgets will flood the market. Now Gelaskins joined in with its most famous iPhone skins.

Gelaskins iPhone 4 Skins Available Now

For many people nowadays, a MP3 player is much more popular than a vintage Imperial record player. But When the record player turned into a clock. The situation might be different.

Imperial Record Player Clock

Take a look, Space Invaders turn into a doormat for guarding your home. We believe these cute pixellated little guys will bring you some diversions.

Space Invaders Doormat

This is a free iPhone 4. Apparently it doesn’t come from Apple. Before you use the iPhone 4, you have to manufacture it by yourself.

Free iPhone 4 Manufacturd by Yourself