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Well, for those Star Wars fans, it’s good news. but you have to have an iPhone. Star Wars official online shop has recently released latest two iPhone cases themed by Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.

New iPhone Case Themed by Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Helmet

Do you want a iPhone dock, and need a special one? I just found out one. I think the iPhone and iPod dock called iPock should be special enough, of course also hard enough.

iRock Handmade iPhone Dock Hard Enough

That’s a terrible thing if your computer are attacked by hacker. Because they can not only steal your data, but also control the webcam. Hope your computer wasn’t in your bedroom. How to prevent your webcam from being used by the hackers? Gsou USB webcam brought us a fun and useful way.

Gsou cute robot anti-peep USB webcam

As we know, many of USB flash drives tell us through the built-in LED light they are transferring files. Obviously this method is out of date for geeks. perhaps the LED light bulb is more fashionable and bright than the LED light.

Light Bulb USB Flash Drive

Undoubtedly these charming Leia girls were taken by the Stormtrooper soldiers and Darth Vader. What did they want the Leias to do? Let them wash car? Great, where is the spaceship of Darth Vader?

Princess Leia Washing Car Surround by Stormtrooper and Darth Vader for Charity

Really like a Duracell battery, the fun mug can tell you the approx temperature of the coffee through the interactive pattern. Your co-workers must get a big surprise when you show the black mug.

Battery Life Mug Integrated Temperature Sensor

As far as anyone knew, it’s not difficult to customize an unique iPhone case for us. Many manufacturers offer custom service such as uncommon, case-mate, and etc. But obviously it’s not enough. Grove brought us another more unique wooden custom iPhone case.

Custom wooden iPhone case by Grove

I really don’t know what something else can be more eco-friendly than those wooden gadgets. Now we found another one: a handmade wooden USB drive.

Clothespin Wooden USB Flash Drive