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Stormtroopers from Star Wars live on the Earth

Just like Transformers who lost their homeland Cybertron, these poor Stormtroopers in continuous Star Wars have lost their battleships and commanders, so they settled down on the Earth.

As we see, Apple in action. iPad Camera Connection Kit is one of iPad gadgets released by Apple.

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Binder clips organizes disorderly cables

No doubt binder clips aren’t only used for clipping files and documents. Of course, some functions must depend on our great ideas.

No doubt iPad gadgets will be hotter and hotter. Just as most of gadgets manufacturers, Apple also released their own iPad gadget: iPad Keyboard Dock.

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

ATARI Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

It seems the terrible space invaders have jumped out of the vintage ATARI video game, and appear on our table. Do you have any weapon to destroy these pixel invaders?

Many people who use MacBook know the functional MacBook dock: BookArc by TwelveSouth. From the latest news, TwelveSouth is planning to release its new iPad version BookArc.

TwelveSouth BookArc iPad Stand

Google Map Envelopes

March 30, 2010 | In: Concept Gadgets

Google Map Envelopes

I’m a Google fan just like you. I uses Gmail, Google Map, and most of Google services. But I more want the combination of Gmail and Google Map such as the following unique envelope.

Found Art Assemblage Robot by Brian Marshall

I believe you still have remembered the amazing robot band created by Brian Marshall. When I returned to his shop at Etsy, I found I missed many wonderful Found Art robots.