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3 in 1 Multifunctional USB2.0 Cable with card reader

This 3 in 1 USB gadget is admirably suited for those who own multiple computers. The USB cable has three useful functions, including USB Direct Link, USB Net Link and card reader.

mini floppy pillow mini tv pillow for geek sleeping

Even if you are the energetic computer geeks, you also can’t enjoy your computer without sleeping or resting forever.


I believe you would treasure your first time getting the iPad. Do you want to protect your iPad with your whole love?


Steampunk zealots, have you changed any plain things that can be replaced with steampunk gadgets such as a pair of ordinary speakers. No? Check out the Steampunk Steam Pipes Audio Speakers.


Aliens has always been an impressive horrible film, but you should be glad to bring the handmade Alien back home if you were a fan of the monster.


Here are two dinosaurs from ancient age and future. Of course, the judgment bases on the materials which the creators used instead of how long they have been in existence.

Solid Alliance Crazy Earphones

I believe many readers still remember the Crazy Earphones by Solid Alliance introduced in last year.

hamburger usb flash drive

Hey, dude, your computer seems to be so hungry. Does it like French hamburger?