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We still can’t see a real iPad but those iPad pictures. but someone always could find a good way to quench thirst.

Solar power charger case

A solar power charger and a case, both these are the popular gadgets. Now, we can integrate them in one. This is Solar Power Charger Case.

Super Mario brothers and their super suits

I’m sure that no one would forget the classical video game series: Super Mario.

LEGO American muscle cars

Many people love those powerful American muscle cars, but just few people can enjoy their own hot rods.

Yellow Submarine Tea Bag

I believe many readers has remembered the Yellow Submarine Tea Bag introduced in early January. That time we had no idea what’s the price or the release date for the incredible tea bag gadget. But now the Yellow Submarine Tea Bag has rolled out.

i-Buddy give you a real MSN response

Even social website like Twitter or Facebook continues to dominate the market, instant messages softwares are still popular such as MSN Messenger. MSN fans, do you want to put the sweet MSN icon on your desk? Try i-Buddy.

Alpha an unique wooden teacup set from Japan

Japanese are interested in tea ceremony, especially in the Sengoku period, so some ancient crafts have come clown to modern times such as the wooden teacup set.

Heaven or hell decided by video game

Take a look this guy lying on the bed. His life is held in the hand of heartbeat detector, oh, no, it should be said