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After a long time waiting, the poster of Iron Man 2: War Machine has been revealed. That looks so cool. I just say that man behind Starck, He seems like a improved Iron Man, doesn’t he?


Except a decorative Christmas tree, have you added some trifles around your room. We believe the Santa Claus USB Hub will bring some Christmas atmosphere on your desktop.


The lamp isn’t only a USB gadget, but also a voice-controlled product.


All of us always accent the impotence of green product. Particularly, there are few green products in our ordinary life. Now Water Powered Can Clock gives us another chance to improve our “green life”.


Three hard disk drives have been squeezed into my narrow computer case, and I have to connect other hard disk drives with disorderly external cable.


What’s the most important criteria while buying a laptop? If it’s weight, MSI X-Slim X430 must be the best choice.

Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ Series Notebooks

November 29, 2009 | In: Uncategorized

Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ Series Notebooks

We think the dual screen notebook is unnecessary for all of us, but it’s so necessary for someone, e.g. designers, stockbrokers.


Magic, gears and the combination of all kinds of machines, these are the features of steampunk. The Pocket Memory 5 Steampunk USB Flash Drive is a stempunk classic.