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Nokia Storyplay A E-reader for Children

Recently Nokia has rolled out its new e-reader, Storyplay, a e-reader for children.


It seems that Ericsson eager to tell us it’s not only a manufacturer of cell phone. At the Taipei Broadband Show, Ericsson showed off its concept PC: Spider


Recently, LG has unveiled its the newest display technology, transparent OLED monitor at FPD International 2009, which takes place from October 28 to 30, 2009, in Yokohama, Japan.

LG XNOTE R590 AION Edition For Fanatics of 3D Game

Ad we know, notebook isn’t the most suitable computer for those complicated 3D games. but the releasing of LG XNOTE R590 AION Edition might change traditional mind. XNOTE R590 AION notebook is customized for the 3D MMO “AION” developed by NCsoft and Intel.

Japanese Bondage Doll Strapped on Your Cell Phone

Here is a hilarious and interesting cell phone strap. You will be glad to hang the Japanese bondage doll strap on your cell phone if you are a fanatic of Japanese pop culture.

ROPID: A Sweet High-tech Robot

ROPID is a sweet small size robot, developed by Tomotaka Takahashi of Robo Garage at Tokyo University.


As we know, the electrical appliance still can consume electric power as long as the plug is in socket. but we always forget to unplug it from socket after using electrical appliances. That is really a waste of money.

Rewrite Desk: A Private Workspace For Youself

For thoes who want to work attentively without any disturbance in a limited space, a desk with clapboards on both sides is so necessary. Rewrite Desk designed by GamFratesi is able to do much better than that.